European Union: In or Out?

People allegedly have short memories.  How many on Merseyside recall the boost that Objective One funding from Europe gave to the area when it was on its knees? Chancellor Geoffrey Howe had proposed “the managed decline“ of Liverpool. Happily, the then European Commissioner – Bruce Millan – and local MEP, Ken Stewart, had different ideas.

Whilst our own government wanted to dump Merseyside, they set out from Brussels to pump millions into our local struggle to keep going. Despite the opposition of the British government, it was a turning point for the whole of Merseyside.

The Liverpool Riverside constituency probably had more Objective One funding invested within it during those years than any other single constituency. Nevertheless, it has polled the lowest turnout in European elections. Is there no consideration in people’s minds as to how much we owe the much-maligned European Union and its commission?

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