… and it’s goodnight from him

Nearly a decade ago, I began to write a short blog in the perhaps vain hope that I might help in making people aware of just what was going on in this city-region. Inevitably, the emphasis was overwhelmingly on the Liverpool borough, given its size and its particular history. There have been some successes in that time, none more gratifying than helping to hasten the end of the disastrous tenure of office of Joe Anderson. However, it would be foolish to think that that is the end of our problems. They go far deeper than one man or one council. There is a cultural problem in many parts of our society which ought to cause us profound concern.

I thought of this whilst observing the furore over the London police chief, Cressida Dick. She is carrying the can for many things, most critically for failing to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, as the old saying goes. Do not misunderstand me – there are many honest, diligent and principled members of the Metropolitan Police force. The same is true of our own Merseyside Police. Indeed, it is axiomatic to say that, despite the reality that there are bad apples in all public bodies and agencies, there are also so many people in the police, local government, civil service and politics who are not of the ilk creating such contempt and cynicism amid the wider population.

Nevertheless, actions speak louder than words. For example, at long last, the Liverpool Echo appears now (principally through the work of Tom Duffy) to be throwing a light on some of the areas of concern amongst the “community” organisations which have received so much public funding. I think of recent pieces covering the Alt Valley Community Trust, the North Liverpool Regeneration Company, and the Eldonians. I would be more pleased if there would be some charges emanating from Merseyside Police’s “Operation Aloft”. Likewise, I wish to see what exactly the Labour Party does to rid itself of its own bad apples.

There is obviously much to be done at a national level which would affect many other areas of public life, particularly in terms of transparency and accountability. The private sector is riddled with double standards and deceit; and governmental failure to regulate the cowboys in the system has given a major stimulus to what we have witnessed over the last ten years. In truth, I see little prospect of the dreadful present government doing anything meaningful to correct the manifold abuses within the wider society.

Yet all things must pass. There are brave individuals locally who have striven – often at personal cost – to lift the clouds over parts of this city-region. I wish them well in the future. As for me……well, I read recently a near 2,500 year old quote from the great Greek philosopher, Plato:

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, will never be understood, let alone be believed by the masses.”

True then and true now. I hope that we can get beyond that woeful ignorance which betrays the very interests of those masses. I have done my little bit locally to waken people up. It is now for others to maintain the clamour as I put my blog in mothballs and turn my time to other things.

11 thoughts on “… and it’s goodnight from him

  1. Well, can I just say a massive “thank you” for shining such a bright light into the Murkyside gloom.
    Please do consider keeping the blog going, even if only posts appear sporadically. The good people of this Region need a public figure of sound reputation such as you.


  2. I’m sorry that you have decided to hang up your boots after so many great seasons.

    I hope it is not forever.

    In the meantime I’m sure I speak for many when I say that you should be proud of what you have achieved over many years of service to our city and its people. Thank you.


  3. The Liverpool echo must be dancing on the roof, Peter wrote the facts and the so called Echo did not like this, one person there “Liam T” Well done Peter for the time and service to this city!


  4. Thank you, Peter, for shining the cleansing light in particular on Liverpool City Council, its corruption and the dealings of the politicians, officers, and employees.


  5. In my days an active reporter (note, I use the word reporter rather than journalist on the basis that reporters report, and journalists often journalise…. Very different beasts) I came across several people who I always thought could put together illuminating memoirs of the people they had encountered (friends and foe) over the years. One was my good friend Rex Makin. Rex and I spent many years mulling over the past in his final years. I would also include Peter Kilfoyle, who like a good old fashioned party whip knows were the proverbial bodies are buried. I first got to know Peter in the 1980s when he was the Labour Party’s fixer and mender in Liverpool. I was a party branch Secretary and often had to traipse over to his office in Canning Street. I hope Peter at least puts together a good portfolio as a potential memoir, as a basis for a book or to leave as a collection for others to study in future years. Enjoy your escape from the blogosphere Peter…. LarryN


  6. Dear Peter, I am very sad to see you go. But some good news before you depart, from the Infinity Development in Liverpool. After 2 years battling against Administrators, Elliot Lawless, John Morley(Legacie), etc, on Monday, 21st February 2022, the judge ruled in our favour, and awarded the development to our Investor-led consortium, rather than the Lawless/Morley Legacie group. What we all found amusing, was that Legacie actually formed a company in early February, called “Legacie Towers”, thinking the development was going to them! And what did Lawless and his PR say about the result?
    “This is the third Elliot project to have been acquired by an investor consortium and it demonstrates once again that my projects benefitted from prime locations and that their viability was and remains extremely strong.” Utter tripe!
    On a personal note, I wish I’d met you earlier, as our families mirror each other. I am one of 15(9 lads, 6 girls)of a Liverpool Irish family . 7 of the boys went St Mary’s in Crosby, whereas I believe you went to St Edwards, and were also from a big family.
    Good luck in your retirement!
    Cormac Murphy


  7. Please don’t believe for one moment that people at large don’t believe what you have had to say, Peter.

    I can assure you that many do, and many more have come to similar conclusions who have never even seen your blog.

    You have spoken out when others wouldn’t. Despite the truth and voices of truth being suppressed, you have kept going.

    You have given hope to people who needed it.

    The population at large is disenfranchised and uninformed, not wholly duped. Others will continue to dig at these matters, including regarding possible questions around the integrity of elections.

    In the meantime, thank you. I hope you will leave this blog online. I am sure its rolling record will continue to prove useful in the future.


  8. A million thanks, Mr. Kilfoyle, for being the only (ex) politician to sit down with me (at Dobbies!!!!)and listen to the details of the scandal behind the proposed expansion of Liverpool John Lennon Airport after the closure of Dungeon Lane. The You’ll be glad to know that I am now close to overtaking you with my knowledge and understanding of the soul that drives the Peel Group.

    Similarly, your are probably the only person to write on your blog about the Redrow Housing Company and its environmental thuggery, especially associated with its destruction of Allerton Priory. I find it paradoxical that pension funds involved in fossil fuels are withdrawing their ‘investments’, yet the FTSE100/250 public house building companies that host appalling environmental records are all left untouched.

    I learnt – and investigated – all the subjects that you’ve exposed and indebted to you. I will be lost without your blog. I can always say now that I did meet an honest politician who was prepared to speak out and expose crooked councillors – and their mates. I do so wish you could have heard the truth behind the loss of land at Allerton Priory. Sadly, I’m just as wary of barristers these days – QC or no QC.

    Very best wishes for future,


    P.S. Just cancelled my order (after many, many years) with the Liverpool Echo after it killed off its remaining ‘Letters’ page. I could weep when I reflect on some of the powerful features that it used to cover.


  9. Thanks, Peter for all your hard work over the years, the truth-teller you are. Standing up for the people of this great city, against corrupt officials and developers.
    I remember, you helping us with the Save the Greenspace campaign and you were instrumental with your guidance.

    I would like to take my hat off to you, sir, you are a straight and honest man that has served this city well. May I wish you the best of good luck in your future endeavors? Take care.


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