Mayoral Rewind

It appears that Labour’s ruling national body has belatedly got the message about the possible Labour nomination for the post of elected mayor. As trade unions precipitately rushed to support one candidate or another, I wonder whether they gave much thought to the needs of either the Labour Party or the city of Liverpool.  There needs to be such a change in a civic culture which either has condoned the manifest corruption which has taken hold in recent years, or has, in some cases, apparently taken advantage of the “opportunities” available in a council which has foregone either transparency or real accountability. 

There is nothing much for me to say which I have not been saying in this blog for years. However, I should point out that there is a misguided belief that any aspiring mayoral candidate must come from within the massed ranks of councillors. That is simply not the case. I presume that Labour’s National Executive is looking for a wider range of potential candidates, given that those who have put themselves forward to date have been found unacceptable. I am equally sure that there are individuals within the Liverpool Labour Party with the requisite skills and background to put themselves forward with confidence.

Hopefully, those whose ambition far exceeds their capabilities will not waste the party’s time. We have had ten years of mismanagement at the top – we need no more. It will initially be a tough row to hoe for whoever takes over in May. If it is the Labour candidate, there will be fulsome support at hand from the party, along with goodwill and practical help. What no-one can inject is the political courage and Labour values which will be prerequisites for the successful candidate. We all wait with bated breath!!

7 thoughts on “Mayoral Rewind

  1. Excellent Peter as always that Cabal in Cunnard fleeced the City for its own wallets and to hell with the consequences too much power was given to one man and the ruling Labour group scrap this Mayoral position once and for all

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  2. Rumours around that the mayoral system will be chopped over the weekend and O’Brien, she of the carparks installed as leader of the Labour group and defacto leader of Liverpool council.


  3. The shortlist drawn up by the region is Joanne Anderson and Anthony Lavelle.
    People might ask who, others might ask why.
    Why shortlist two members of the Labour group who have no experience of local, regional or national governance. At such an important time as this? With all the issues we are facing, covid epidemic, job security, financial strife etc. We should have an opportunity to discuss the merits of genuine candidates with the knowledge and experience to represent this great city. The Labour Party has let us down again when we are desperate for leadership. We must get this right, failure to do so is not an option.

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  4. Why select candidates with no local experience, you ask?… I assume rhetorically!

    What a damning indictment of the Labour party locally that this is the cream of the available selection!! And just two of them at that!

    If anyone truly cares about “Labour values”, assuming those values themselves haven’t become about self aggrandisement, patronage and worse, I’d recommend they revisit their membership.

    A local issue only? For years the national Labour party has taken us for granted in all the worst ways possible.

    Even with current events, instead of taking the opportunity to require the abolition of the post, Starmer thought it would be useful – to them, to national Labour’s agenda – to keep it. Even though it’s been a thorn in the city’s side since it was undemocratically imposed on us.

    If all this is now biting national Labour in the backside, good.

    Now instead of just ignoring Liverpool, they can move to the uncomfortable position of just wishing they could ignore us. Like the position we as citizens have been in versus their local rabble.

    A quiz to end a depressing train of thought:
    Q1) which caused more structural damage to Liverpool’s economy over 10 years? The Tories in the 1980s or Liverpool Labour in the 2010s?

    It’s a tough one.


    1. The only thing that makes sense with the new candidates is that they are that they are new and they haven’t been tainted by the alleged corruption. Also the move might also be intended to ‘force’ the Labour Group into voting to remove the position of Mayor.


  5. The Labour group where told that if they voted to remove the role of Mayor, and went back to a commitee and leader type of council, they could face a legal challenge.


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