Serious Fraud Office

This is just a brief note to let people know that that the serious Fraud Office has today announced that it is looking into some of those alleged developments and developers which have been of such concern over the past couple of years. Search warrants have been executed today so we must await the outcome of their endeavours.

The SFO is working in conjunction with Merseyside Police and the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit. As we are all aware, they will not exactly dash into the investigation; nor will they formally give too much information as they proceed. However, their fresh activity reinforces the widely held view that there has been serious corruption; it is organised; and that they have sufficient prima facie evidence to undertake today’s raids.

2 thoughts on “Serious Fraud Office

  1. About time too Peter , and Grant Thornton must be looked at too in the light of
    And books must be open for too long the City has suffered with so called job booms
    Via Anderson and the Mealy Mouth Echo who had the audacity this week anounced they have a political news reporting team can’t recall them doing any undercover work
    The city tax payers should demand action


  2. Having recently left the employment of Liverpool City Council, I saw evidence of how the various bodies operating under the umbrella that is Alt Valley Community Trust owe the council over £900,000. Would the city allow such debt to accrue if the leading member of the board were not a prominent former local labour councillor? There was little evidence to suggest the city was being proactive in recovering the debt.


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