A Semantic Issue

For your information, I attach below the official council response to my Freedom of Information request. I had sought to discover how much the Liverpool council taxpayers were shelling out to cover the legal costs of suspended chief executive, Ged Fitzgerald. These costs are being incurred, not for his time and deeds in Liverpool, but for the period when he was chief executive in Rotherham, whilst the child abuse scandal was in full drive.

Strictly speaking, one might say that the council reply to me is correct. I had asked how much his legal fees had cost us to date. According to today’s Echo, nothing has been paid YET to his lawyers – Eversheds – because their bills are yet to be finalised. What is unarguable is that the council is involved in Fitzgerald’s legal situation covering his time at Rotherham. Their defence appears to be remarkably similar to that used In Mayor Anderson’s notorious use of public funds (over £100,000) on a private matter. That is, it is somehow a principle relevant to LCC which justifies the legal largesse – in the case of Fitzgerald, as much as £300,000, I am told.

I just wonder when these people who use our city’s funds as a personal treasure trove, will be held to account. Is it the case that all of those in authority are devoid of any moral compass; are they cowed by the bullying atmosphere which pervades LCC;  or are they complicit in a politically corrupt cabal which is running things in Liverpool?


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