Mendacity Unbound

As fresh controversy rages around the sale of Millennium House (this time over planning permission – or lack of it), further information has come to light about the methods of one of Joe’s favoured developers, Signature Living. This, in turn, stems from revelations in Parliament concerning Signature Living’s dealings with Cardiff City Council.

The question now being asked is whether, as in the Cardiff case, Liverpool City Council – courtesy of the mayor – financed the sale of their own asset to a private developer. If so, why, and under what terms? After all, there are already so many unanswered questions concerning what has been characterised as the “car boot sale” of Millennium House.

Why, for example, did the sale not go out to tender? What was the sale price, and what was the independent valuation? How did the deal cater for the cost of the upgrade given to the gymnasium, and what consideration covered the valuable city-centre car parking at the site? Until these questions and others are answered satisfactorily by the mayor, the deal will haunt him.

He already has enough to answer for with his bragging claims of success in the city. They do not add up. TeamJoe publishes ever more contradictory claims in his name and the inconsistencies mount, especially with regard to housing and job creation. Look at the following claims, and official figures:

2016 mayoral manifesto:  claimed 31000 jobs created since 2012

2016 metro mayoral manifesto:  claims 20000 jobs created

NOMIS (the Office of National Statistics) says that 600 jobs were created in 2012/3

That suggests an increase in the rate of job creation of anywhere between 3200% and 5000% over the last three years – utter nonsense.  Equally bizarre are the claims on housing –

2016 mayoral manifesto:  claimed 5045 houses built

2016 metro mayoral manifesto:  claims 8000 built

DCLG figures say that 1810 were built.

It is clear that TeamJoe are making it up as they go along. To think that there are MPS and council leaders supporting this rubbish.

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