Campaign Woes

Poor old Teamjoe – they have had a rough time of late.  A leaking ferry put Joe’s notion of a new boat into a fresh perspective.  Meanwhile, his claim that Frodsham was part of the Liverpool City Region showed remarkable ignorance of communities outside of Liverpool.

Since then, things have got steadily worse for Joe’s dysfunctional campaign team. One of their latest faux pas was a claim that Jamie Carragher was on board with Teamjoe. The former Liverpool idol had already publicly declared his support for Steve Rotheram. What looked even sillier was their aping of the Rotheram-Burnham accord with a thoroughly unconvincing Anderson-Lloyd link-up.

Yet surely the biggest blow to their case has been the demise of Joe’s connections in the Tory government. His privileged pals have gone – Osborne altogether, and Clarke to another department. He is left only with the aged Heseltine – made a freeman of the city of Liverpool by Joe to the dismay of many.  Heseltine has no traction with the new government of Theresa May.  More than ever, IF the Northern Powerhouse policy is continued by the new government, it will be in new hands; and the Liverpool City Region’s interests will need to be pressed by a metromayor with experience of Westminster and Whitehall.

More than in anything else, Joe is found wanting here – he just does not cut the mustard. He would be like a bull in a china shop. The new metromayor will need skills which Joe simply does not have. Anyway, he has been elected to do a job in Liverpool, a city whose economic performance has been the worst in the country since 2009.

This is bad news for those Liverpool councillors desperate for Joe to move on so that they might fill his shoes. Wannabe leaders like councillors O’Byrne, Crofts, Kushner et al long hopefully to sit atop the grubby hill that the Liverpool Council has become.  Others, of course, just wish to be free of the sterile atmosphere currently debilitating the Town Hall. We must all await the outcome of the ballot.

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