Joe’s Referees

Interesting to see the efforts of TeamJoe to influence votes. One tactic is to send ghost-written paeans of praise of Liverpool’s own Dear Leader, usually authored by his campaign manager – and would-be successor – Nick Crofts on behalf of various people. Nice try, Nick, but as we have said before, you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

However, one did have a ring of authenticity to it. It was the sober support offered by Tony Jennings and Phil Knibb. Many members will not know who they are but they are comparatively recent recruits having been earlier expelled from the Labour Party. Like Derek Hatton, they are warmly welcomed by Joe.

They have reason to be grateful to Joe. Although based in Croxteth, Joe has given them the Walton Park leisure centre and the Dovecot multi-activity centre, neither of which is in their normal area of operation. It means that the asset value of their organisation has soared. Next time you park at the Walton park site for an Everton match, remember the good cause to whom the parking fee goes!

Oh, by the way, Nick – Joe’s mayoral manifesto made the fatuous claim that he was responsible for creating 31,000 jobs. I note his metromayoral claim is down to 20,000 jobs. I have heard rumours of deflation but this is ridiculous… When will you learn that spin is so yesterday?

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