Another Day, Another Dollar

This week has seen a novel departure from the norm at Liverpool City Council. Cllr Munby has publicly taken issue with a favoured developer. In this instance, it was the fatuous idea to put a “centre parc” in the middle of historic Croxteth Park. The proposer was Mr. Lawrence Kenwright of Signature Living.

An interesting entrepreneur is Mr. Kenwright.  His meteoric rise from bankruptcy to ostentatious business success has paralleled that of his good friend Mayor Anderson in local government. He even sponsors Mayor Anderson’s personal political fund-raising events.  He is an avid supporter of the mayor who sold to him the former council headquarters (Millennium House).

Mr Kenwright got this bargain at a knockdown price after Mayor Anderson twice devalued this prized city centre building. So taken is Mr Kenwright with Mayor Anderson that he has his public relations people compose paeans of praise to the Great Leader.

One, in the form of a video, is included in a nauseatingly servile Facebook offering from Cllr Crofts, another potential successor to the leadership of Liverpool. Right-hand man to Joe supporter Stephen Twigg MP, and head honcho of Teamjoe, Cllr Crofts has exceeded himself in his obsequiousness on Facebook.

Thus, there appears to be no shortage of Liverpool councillors who are desperate to see Joe kicked upstairs. However, the quality of choice from which his putative successor would come, is extremely limited, giving Liverpool Labour councillors a tough decision if that situation arose. Of course, his would-be successors fail to see that even if they were to succeed in getting Joe into the metro mayor role, there is no chance of him letting go his grip on Liverpool.  It is the goose that lays the golden political egg.

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